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Oprah's 'Your OWN Show' Contest Controversy

By June 24, 2010

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Oprah's nationwide search for contestants to appear on Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star: Your OWN Show contest on the new OWN network has already found itself at the center of a controversy. Online voting results for a particular candidate - Dr. Phyllis - rose drastically on Tuesday, pushing her into first place and sparking speculation that the rules were being broken or improper methods were being used to push one applicant ahead of another. Some reports have even gone as far as suggesting that Oprah had something to do with the alleged fraudulent votes because of her desire to control the winner.

Both candidates in the contest have received more than 5 million votes each and have proposed very different shows. Zach Anner, a man from Texas living with cerebral palsy, wishes to do a travel show geared at people who never thought they would be able to have adventure, while Dr. Phyllis's show idea centers around a reality program in the classroom, focusing on the stories of teachers and students.

Due to the accusation that online voting is being tampered with, the OWN team will be investigating the issue and making taking action according to their findings.


June 26, 2010 at 10:51 pm
(1) Sarah Miller says:

What Oprah’s people should be looking at it Jaqueline’s voting – a couple of weeks ago, the votes for all contestants were stuck for the day, but her votes kept going up a steady 1,225 votes an hour – even overnight. Sounds might suspicious to me! How could the site be totally broken for everyone but her? Robot voting, methinks…

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