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The Secret Behind "The Secret" - Show Recap


Original Air Date:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


  • Louise L. Hay
  • Martha Beck
  • Cheryl Richardson

Author Louise Hay:

Louise Hay wrote her first book, You Can Heal Your Life at the age of 50, which she stated on the show is when she truly started living. At 81, she is still going strong and revisited the Oprah Show to share her thoughts on The Secret. Louise shared that she heard someone say "if you change your thinking you can change your life" and at that point she became an avid student - learning about this idea. Louise commented that while some criticize The Secret for possibly promoting material needs, metaphysical people use the law of attraction for quality of life and not just things.

Life Coaches Martha Beck and Cheryl Richardson:

Martha Beck shared that she realized after reading the book that while some of the ideas really felt true to her, some of them did not. But after finishing the book, she started to notice the law of attraction working for her, and wanted to find out how.

Cheryl Richardson first found out about The Secret from her mother-in-law, and felt the book presented the idea in a way that reached people in all walks of life.

More with Louise Hay:

Before writing her book, Louise Hay was conducting workshops to help people realize their own power, but she thought if she could put her workshop on paper she could help so many more. She took 6 months and wrote her book. You Can Heal Your Life is in its 95th printing and has been made into a movie of the same name. Louise recommends using affirmations to think and speak love for yourself instead of speaking and thinking negatively about yourself. Louise explained that even if you do not love yourself or your life at the present moment, that affirmations are like planting a seed, just give it a chance to grow.

Martha Beck's Response to The Love List in O Magazine:

In the February issue of O Magazine, "The Love List" described the experience of Alice Gorman, a woman who wrote a list of 100 qualities she wanted in a partner and eventually met a man who matched her list. Martha Beck responded to this feature with her description of why Alice's list worked and why there is a right and a wrong way to write a list. Martha describes her 3 levels of inner life as The Shallows, The Ring of Fire and The Core of Peace. Martha explained that creating a list in The Shallows is out of fear and insecurity, while The Core of Peace allows you to write the list and let it go, happy with life.

Cheryl Richardson on The Secret:

Life coach Cheryl Richardson described the law of attraction as an evolution of consciousness and raising the level of consciousness, not just material possessions. Cheryl stated that we didn't come here to buy SUVs and nice jeans, but to evolve as spiritual beings. Material goods have their place, according to Cheryl, but the stuff is just the byproduct of the evolved person.

Creating a Vision Board:

A vision board can be anything from a cork board to a wall where images of future goals or wishes or desires are placed to see them, think about them and ultimately keep them in focus.

Cheryl Richardson expressed that thinking about what you want isn't enough - make a list, a vision board, or start talking about those goals or things to make them a reality. Martha added that thinking 'if I need it enough it will come to me' is not the Law of Attraction - having to have something is linked to fear, but if you "don't need anything, everything will come to you."

Kelly's Experience with The Secret:

Kelly experienced life with an alcoholic father and on antidepressants through college. At 30, she found herself still depressed. But after her dad died, her sister told her about The Secret and she realized that living life as a victim doesn't work out. She made changes - she learned to forgive her father after his death and to even thank him for the experience. Kelly started focusing on the good things in her life: her husband, son, and job. Since reading the book, Kelly is able to find perfection in everything and feels that if she didn't experience the depression, she wouldn't have passion in her life.

Allison's Experience with The Secret:

After learning about the Law of Attraction, Allison started to visualize emails in her inbox the following day and think about her success, and she found drastic changes in her business. When her husband was laid off, she took a moment and made the decision to celebrate instead of retreating to a dark place. Allison and her husband kept their news a secret, not wanting others to shift their positive energy. 2 weeks later, her husband found a new job making more money. The panel translated by saying that Allison chose courage and released her attachment to fear, not needing anything - "ask and surrender".

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