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I Love You Valentine's Day Surprises - Show Recap


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Valentine's Day - Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vickie's I Love You Surprise for Her Husband:

Vickie's husband Win is a devoted husband of 9 years and father of 3, who also happens to love Patti LaBelle. Vickie tricked Win into thinking that he was going on the Oprah Show to serenade her, but really the surprise is for him - singing a duet with Patti LaBelle, something only Oprah could pull off.

Win began to sing the song "If Only You Knew" and after he finished the first verse, Patti began singing from backstage. The pair sang beautifully together and had Vickie in tears the entire time. Patti also invited the couple to lunch with her after the show. What a special way to say "I love you".

Tiffany's Valentine's Day Gift to Her Grandmother:

Tiffany shared that she has spend nearly every weekend with her grandparents since she was 2 - camping, volunteering or visiting historical sites. Tiffany said her grandmother Helen always showed her and her entire family unconditional love and was very giving to others.

After Tiffany's grandfather passed away just 2 months ago from Alzheimer's disease, Tiffany realized just how much she appreciates the time she has with her grandmother. In 30 years, Helen has had just 1 wish, and Tiffany wanted to make it come true. Helen finally got her wish - a red VW bug convertible!

Rand and Geraldine's I Love You Story:

Last year Rand set out to propose to his girlfriend, Geraldine, of 5 years in a big way - by buying ad time during the Super Bowl, costing $2.5 million dollars. Rand started mybigproposal.com to try to raise money for the time slot, and after appearing on Good Morning America was able to raise $10,000. Far from the amount he needed, Rand was able to get a corporate sponsor, but just 2 weeks before the Super Bowl, his sponsor backed out.

Not willing to give up, Rand made a new plan; he was able to get a local station to play his video during Geraldine's favorite show - Veronica Mars - and she said "Yes!".

Carolyn Surprises Her Husband with Dr. Oz:

Carolyn's husband Jim has always done extra special things for her on Valentine's Day during their 10 year marriage. Carolyn wanted to turn the tables this year and surprise Jim with an over-the-top gift - a chance to meet Dr. Oz.

Jim is a biology teacher and loves using Dr. Oz's Oprah Show tapes to teach his students in a creative way. Oprah invited the couple on the show and shared with them that Dr. Oz had surgery for the next few days, so they were going to stay in a hotel in Chicago until he gets to town to meet with them!

Tim Surprises His Wife Carly with Oprah Show Tickets:

After the 2007 Valentine's Day show where a woman was blindfolded on the stage not knowing where she was, Tim sent out an email saying that Oprah messed things up for other men out there. So Oprah decided to give Tim a chance to surprise his wife Carly as well, plus 3 other couple friends.

Oprah's cameras followed Tim to the florist and his house to tell his wife the news, she was in her bathrobe but still said it was the best Valentine's Day gift ever - she also was able to surprise her friends with the news that they were also going to the show with her.

A Beloved Family Dog Named Oogy:

Larry shared his story about his much-loved family dog, Oogy, who had a tragic start to life. As a puppy Oogy was used as bait for pit bulls in a dog fighting ring and was left to die until police raided the fight and saved him. After severe damage to his head, the area vet was able to save his life so he could impact the lives of others.

Larry and his sons were at the vet's office when Oogy was brought it, the dog instantly gravitated toward the family and they asked if they could adopt him; they felt lucky to be able to. Oogy was adopted 5 years ago and has brought tremendous love to the Levin family ever since.

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