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A Brief History of O The Oprah Magazine


Inaugural Issue of O:

O The Oprah Magazine hit newsstands as a bi-monthly publication for May/June 2000 with unique features such as oversize glossy pages and large print. With over 300 pages of material, the first issue of O reached the hands of 1.6 million loyal fans, though the content and advertising was geared toward affluent upper-middle class women as it remains today. The first issue of O focused on the theme “Live Your Best Life” and each issue since has highlighted a different emotion or lesson.

O Magazine’s Mission Statement:

With Oprah at the wheel only the best can be expected of the magazine and its readers.

With this magazine we have an opportunity to make a real mark. To speak and connect to women in a way no other publication ever has. To help women see every experience and challenge as an opportunity to grow and discover their best self. To convince women that the real goal is becoming more of who they really are. To embrace their life.

Editors of O Magazine:

While Oprah Winfrey is founder and Editorial Director of the magazine, she is joined by Editor in Chief, Amy Gross, and Editor at Large and best friend, Gayle King. Gayle King, best known as Oprah’s best friend of over 30 years, also serves a major role in running the magazine. Many fans of Oprah and Gayle’s friendship may not be aware that Gayle had a very successful 18 year television career, from 1981 - 1999, earning her 3 Emmy Awards as a news anchor.

Oprah’s Columns:

Every issue of O Magazine contains life lessons, humor, advice and inside details straight from Oprah. “Here We Go!” and “What I Know for Sure”, are columns to introduce the issue and to end it on the final page. “Here We Go” gives readers a glimpse of Oprah’s favorite things in the issue and features to be sure to read, as well as seasonal anecdotes. The last page of the magazine is always designated for Oprah’s “What I Know For Sure”, in which she describes moments she experiences in her daily life, goals, dreams or observations in others that she wishes to share with her readers.

Topics Covered in O Magazine:

Like The Oprah Winfrey Show, O Magazine covers a wide variety if topics and issues that we all deal with and are interested in -- everything from a simple recipe to serve at the next party or how to respond to a cheating spouse.

Regular subjects you will find covered in O include: Personal Growth, Lifestyle, Culture and Humanities, Home and Garden, Fashion, Entertainment, Food, Drink and Nutrition, Health, Beauty and Fitness, Business, Technology and World News and Relationships.

O The Oprah Magazine Awards:

A magazine that is so popular among women could not remain at the height of success without winning a few awards along the way. Some of the magazine’s biggest wins include: 2000 Startup of the Year and 2007 #1 on the Hot List from Ad Week, the 2001 Magazine of the Year from Advertising Age, the 2006 Magazine of the Year from Accessories Council, and the 2007 General Excellence in Leisure Interests winner at the National Magazine Awards.

Regular O Contributors:

Oprah has rounded up the best professionals to give us advice on the issues that matter the most. Each month her team of experts share advice on everything from money and fashion to relationships and nutrition through regular columns. These featured columns keep us coming back each month for more expert information and tips. The next time you pick up an issue, make sure to check out:

  • Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler with “A Million Ways to Save the World”
  • Journalist Jancee Dunn shares etiquette tips from a panel of experts in “What Do I Do Now?”
  • Nutrition expert Dr. David L. Katz who teaches us “The Way to Eat”
  • Love him or hate him “tell it like it is” talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw
  • Fashion expert Adam Glassman gives us honest style advice in “Adam Says”
  • Tell all writer Lisa Kogan does just that --Tells All
  • Financial expert Suze Orman
  • Sex and the City creator Cindy Chupak with “Live Your Best Love Life!”
  • Life coach Martha Beck
  • Beauty expert Valerie Monroe answering reader questions in “Ask Val”
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