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How to Look 10 Years Younger - Show Recap


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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Look 10 Years Younger - Norma Jean:

Norma Jean was the first of 6 women showcased from the TLC program 10 Years Younger. Standing in a glass case, 100 people were asked what they thought Norma Jean's age was, the average guess was 50, but in reality Norma Jean is only 41. Norma Jean headed to the plastic surgeon where she received an eye lift, laser hair removal and liposuction. At the dentist, Norma Jean had a set of veneers applied and after went on to get new clothes, hair and makeup. The results were amazing and Norma Jean said she is now "going after her dreams full force."

Look 10 Years Younger - Zina:

Zina was next to reveal her TLC makeover. In the booth, Zina was guessed at 53 years old, but actually is 44. Zina's biggest concern was her smile which was repaired at the dentist with crowns and dentures. Zina then went on to receive a chemical peel, laser treatment, new clothes, hair and makeup. As a makeup artist herself, Zina helps other women see their beauty, now she can see her own on the inside and out.

Look 10 Years Younger - Catherine:

Catherine was next to show off her new look. With her daughters ready to head off to college, Catherine is ready for a new phase of her life. In the booth, Catherine was guessed at 51, when she is only 41. For Catherine's new look, she received botox, a facial peel, fraxel laser treatment, lasik eye surgery, new clothing, hair and makeup. Catherine shared that after making her children feel important, she now can give the same treatment to herself.

Look 10 Years Younger - Kimberly:

Kimberly, a former Marine and mother, had let her looks go and was next to reveal her transformation. In the booth, Kimberly was guessed at 42 when she is 34. Kimberly's makeover included veneers, a chemical peel, botox, lasik eye surgery, new clothes, hair and makeup. Since her makeover, Kimberly has started modeling and shared that her confidence is through the roof.

Look 10 Years Younger - Dawn:

Dawn, who was sexually assaulted as a teen, was self-conscious of her missing teeth as a result of her attack. When Dawn entered the booth, she was guessed at 46 instead of her actual age of 40. Dawn's front teeth were replaced and she also received a chemical peel, botox, new clothes, hair and makeup. After losing more than 100 pounds, Dawn's new look is now complete.

Look 10 Years Younger - Tracy:

Tracy, a real estate appraiser and mother was next to reveal her new look. In the booth, Tracy was guessed to be 50 when she is only 40 years old. Tracey received restylane injections, laser treatments, veneers, new clothes, hair and makeup. After her makeover, Tracy feels like she has the confidence back that she had in her 20s.

Look 10 Years Younger - Self Transformations:

Oprah also showcased 2 women who did their own transformations after going through difficult divorces. Judy focused on her diet, exercise and meditation and went from a size 18 to an 8. Leslie was a working mom of 3 when at 49 her husband of 22 years left their marriage. Not willing to hide from the world, Leslie started going to the gym to feel strong and lost 50 pounds and says she is the poster child for possibilities.

Mind, Body, Soul - Kathy Freston:

Looking 10 years younger is a mind, body, soul connection according to Oprah and her guest, bestselling author Kathy Freston. In Kathy's newest book, Quantum Wellness, she highlights what she calls 8 pillars of wellness. The 8 pillars include:

  1. Meditation

  2. Conscious Eating - which includes having spiritual integrity even with the food you eat - think about what, where and how the food is prepared and the ways it effects the environment and animals.

  3. Exercise - 30 minutes 3-6 times a week

  4. Visualization

  5. Spiritual Practice

  6. Self Work - educating yourself

  7. Service

  8. Fun Activities

Mind, Body, Soul - Kathy Freston's 21 Day Cleanse:

One of Oprah's favorite parts of Kathy's book was the description of the 21 day cleanse that she decided to start and blog about on Oprah.com. The cleanse, according to Kathy, is about progress, not perfection, and should be done twice a year. The cleanse includes eliminating a few things from your life for up to 21 days. These things are: caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten, and animal products. This still leaves many great options like beans, grains, nuts, fruits like apples and blueberries, vegetables and soy products.

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