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Do You Believe in Miracles? with John of God from Brazil - Show Recap


Original Air Date:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Oprah spoke with O Magazine editor-in-chief Susan Casey and Harvard professor Dr. Jeff Rediger about the healer John of God in Brazil.

Show Summary:

Millions of people have traveled thousands of miles to chance being healed by a man with no formal religious or medical training, but many claim that that John of God in Brazil is curing diseases and changing people's lives with no explanation.

Oprah's Editor-in-Chief Susan Casey journeyed to Brazil to report on the phenomenon and to some extent was looking for a possible miracle of her own. Saying she went into the trip with the goal to remain neutral, Casey explained how her views changed in just a few days as she went from a skeptic to a woman with an open mind and heart. Grieving her father's death for nearly two years, Casey thought that all joy had left her life and that it would take a miracle to bring it back. After a brief meeting with John of God and directions to sit in the healing room, Susan Casey found three hours fly by in mediation as her spirit changes and opened itself back up to happiness.

The countless stories that come out of Brazil are impossible to explain, but Oprah encouraged viewers at the start of the show to decide for yourself -- is it healing, or a hoax?

Special Highlights:

This episode featured the following highlights:

  • Susan Casey, the O Magazine editor-in-chief was curious about the reports on John of God in Brazil, a man who heals without any medical or religious training and has people traveling by the thousands to have the chance to experience his so called gift. Susan decided to see for herself and stated that she aimed to be neutral telling the story for readers to decide whether the people have been healed or witnessed a hoax.

  • Harvard psychiatry professor Dr. Jeff Rediger also traveled to Brazil to see if the reports were true seven years prior.

  • Both guests discussed the methods of nasal probing and eye scraping, as well as hands off experiences in the healing room. Susan and Dr. Rediger both described the shift they felt as unexplainable, understanding that life is all about love, and that no matter what 'it' was all going to be ok.

  • It was also made clear that visiting John of God does not guarantee healing and that medical care should be continued and not replaced with spiritual treatment.

What to Take Away from the Show:

Coming away from this episode, I can't say whether I believe that John of God is a healer, if the thousands of people are miracles, or if it's all a hoax. What I do know is that I believed Susan Casey and Dr. Jeff Rediger when they said they felt something on their travels and they now view their life differently with more joy, love, and connection. Each person watching the show likely walked away with a different feeling and belief about the man in Brazil touching people's lives with his gift. Regardless of how you see John of God, the episode definitely raised questions and had the power to make people consider if they believe in miracles.

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