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America's Funniest Videos, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler - Show Recap


Original Air Date:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

America's Funniest Videos - Most Popular Clip:

The most popular clip in AFV history features the "laughing quads" - where a mother is laying with all 4 of her babies while dad makes them all laugh from behind the camera. The family: Steve, Allison and daughters Grace, Anna, Emily and Mary Claire (now 8) were on Oprah and shared that they made $395,000 on the show - the most in history.

America's Funniest Videos - Babies and Kids:

A series of clips featuring babies and kids was shown and included toddlers blowing out birthday candles, a ballerina wanting her mom to look at her, boys and girls being boys and girls - namely pushing others down, a little boy golfing, babies laughing, dad's changing diapers and more.

America's Funniest Videos - More Funny Clips:

A clip was shown titled "tot girl" where a little girl had a case of mistaken identity at a department store - she thought a male mannequin was her daddy.

Oprah shared a clip their show had received with a sister that covered her little brother in peanut butter - the kids Emily and Ethan were in the audience as well.

Another clip showed a moving toy dinosaur in a bathroom scaring the family dog - the dog hid in the bathtub until it was safe to escape!

A little boy in his underwear was able to win $10,000 after his mother convinced him to dance the Macarena one last time!

America's Funniest Videos - Drill Team and Weddings:

A video that was taken over 25 years ago has been an AFV favorite. The clip is of a high school drill team doing a dance, but the scene stealer is the boy on the sidelines doing ever step of the dance with the team. Henry was in the audience and shared that his mother was the coach and his sister was on the team, and that he wanted to be on the team as well, so he danced where he could.

A series of clips featuring wedding bloopers was shows and included many brides and grooms fainting, a bride falling off a horse, a bride who hit her groom in the balls, fights over flowers and a woman who said the wrong name!

America's Funniest Videos - Pets and Dancing Machine:

A series of clips featuring pets was shown and included cats and dogs getting in all kinds of trouble, dogs speaking like humans, dancing dogs and fighting cats.

Another popular clip that has earned the stars a load of AFV cash is the "dancing machine" video. The woman behind the camera often locks her husband out of the car or house and makes him dance if he wants to get back in - Angela and Brian have won over $200,000 for their home video!

America's Funniest Videos - Vin Di Bona and the Season Finale:

Vin Di Bona, the creator of AFV walked Oprah's cameras through the show vault that is climate controlled to protect every video ever shown on the series. Vin first got the idea for AFV by watching a Japanese variety show and enjoying the funny clips. Vin shared that 1500 videos get sent in a week and more than 600,000 have been sent in since the start of the show.

The coming season finale is soon with 3 videos up for the season's top prize. The videos include "big bubble trouble" with a dog in the bathtub, "not so thrilled ride" with a woman on a roller coaster, and "wave goodbye" with a man riding a wave machine.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler:

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler started their segment with a skit they taped getting ready for a road trip from New York City to Chicago. The duo packed funny items, tried to play cassette tapes and sit in the driver's seat. The duo shared that it took over 2 hours to shoot.

Amy and Tina first met in Chicago in 1992 when they were involved in the Second City Improv Olympics and have since been best friends. Tina shared that she has always wanted Oprah to play her best friend on SNL or 30 Rock so they could hang out.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler - Baby Mama and Alice:

Tina and Amy star together in the comedy film Baby Mama where Tina plays a single successful woman who wants a child and pays Amy to be her surrogate - the comedy comes in as the duo are complete opposites in the film. Two clips were shown from the film including one where Amy is watching AFV and another that shows the duo in a birthing center.

Tina also shared that her daughter is the funniest person in her house at 2 and a half. Tina is married to composer Jeff Richmond who works with her on 30 Rock and also did the music for Baby Mama.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler - Marie Claire Magazine Interview:

Amy interviewed Tina for the May 2008 issue of Marie Claire Magazine and Tina shared advice for smart, funny girls who don't get a lot of dates. Tina's tip was to let the boys learn on other girls - let the other girls get the bad presents and kissed poorly, and "swoop in when they're fully formed at, like, 30."

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