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Bette Midler: 62 and Heading to Las Vegas - Show Recap


Bette Midler: 62 and Heading to Las Vegas - Show Recap

Singer/Actress Bette Midler

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Original Air Date:

Monday, January 28, 2008

Bette Midler on Her New Vegas Show:

Bette Midler is set to open a new show at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas on February 20, 2008. The Showgirl Must Go On will have a 2 year run and features some of Bette's hits and some of her favorites from other artists - but as per her persona, the show will be over the top.

When Oprah welcomed Bette to the show, she was curious as to what Bette said when "they" first asked her to go to Vegas, Bette joked, "hmm and how much will that be?" But on a serious note, Bette said she was very excited about the show, and prior to being asked had never seen the theater and really had no idea what she was in for.

Bette was relieved when she saw the theater and though small to her, 4500 seats, she thought it was very beautiful with an incredibly large stage. She was happy to announce that there isn't a bad seat in the house.

Bette Midler on Weight and Turning 62:

Bette stopped working 3 years ago and told Oprah she became a porker, putting 15 pounds on her 5'2" frame. Bette credited her dancing and running for helping her to lost 8 pounds, which makes her feel great.

When asked how it feels to be 62, Bette stated that it feels just like 61. She shared that her husband and daughter threw her a huge party for her 60th birthday which she thought was so great. Oprah responded that turning 60 is becoming redefined with women like Bette and Diane Sawyer who are still going strong. Bette realized each year as she got older that there were still things she wanted to do in her life. While she always wanted to finish college, she shared that it wasn't for her and that she knew that all she knew was to sing, act, and make people laugh - so that is what she pursued.

Bette Midler with Her Daughter Sophie:

Sophie, Bette's 21 year old Ivy League college senior daughter, made her first public appearance to sit down with Oprah and her mom. Sophie shared that her mother had discouraged her from going into the acting business, but that the lure of the crowd just wasn't for her. It came as a surprise when Sophie shared that Bette was a strict mother, not letter her watch TV or eat candy while growing up.

Bette stated the best thing she and her husband did for Sophie was to have dinner with her every night. After 23 years together, Bette credits her husband for teaching her and their daughter so much.

Bette Midler Shares Her Most Famous Dresses and Surprises a Fan:

A clip showed Bette revealing some of her most famous dresses she has held on to for years, including:

  • The dress she wore on her first album cover
  • The "phone booth" dress from the 1979 film The Rose
  • A dress she wore on her first world tour
  • The kimono she wore when she was nominated for an Oscar
  • The dress she wore for Jonnie Carson's last show

Bette also surprised a fan, Luzanne Otte, who was inspired by Bette to pursue a career in environmental ethics. Bette presented her with 2 tickets to the opening night show and a stay at Caesar's Palace.

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins:

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins stars Martin Lawrence as a famous talk show host with the stage name Dr. RJ Stevens. He decides to make a visit home with his new fiancee, a reality show starlet, to Dry Springs, Georgia. When he returns, he introduces his soon-to-be bride to his family, including his older sister played by Mo'Nique, his competitive cousin played by Cedric "The Entertainer" and his father played by James Earl Jones. The combination of the 3 comic stars is why Martin says it is one of the funniest films he has ever done - so funny, Oprah said she laughed out loud.

Mo'Nique Shares a Story with Oprah:

For Mo'Nique's first time on the Oprah Show, she wanted to share with Oprah a story from over 20 years ago. Mo'Nique first saw Oprah on her Baltimore show, People are Talking and remembers that Oprah was the first black woman she had ever seen on TV, especially a larger black woman that looked like her - it inspired her to go to broadcasting school. While at school, Mo'Nique took a field trip to the set of People are Talking to meet the hosts. Mo'Nique remembers when it was her turn, she told Oprah that she wanted to be like her, and Oprah told her, "you have to work really hard." - Mo'Nique held on to that advice.

The Cast on Remembering Where You Come From:

Oprah asked Martin if it was also his experience of becoming the bank in the family once you become the most successful - Martin agreed that yes that it true, but he never forgets where he started. The cast reminisced of jobs they held before they became famous: Mo'Nique monitored calls for phone sex operators, Martin Lawrence buffed floors in department stores, and Cedric "The Entertainer" bagged groceries - they all give thanks and praise for their success. Martin also expressed how important it is in "the business" to share good advice and pass on successes, which he made sure to do with Mo'Nique on set.

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