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Dr. Oz Answers Men & Women - Show Recap


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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ask Dr. Oz - Do Women Have Smaller Bladders?:

Dr. Oz opened the show by explaining how yes, women do have smaller bladders. A male and female body model complete with organs and muscles were on hand for the show to display why the body works in a certain way. Women have smaller bladders than men because women's bodies need room for the uterus, according to Dr. Oz. After children, women's bladders can become more sensitive because the muscles under the bladder become weak and many women experience leakage as an effect.

Ask Dr. Oz - Do Hair Transplants Work?:

Dr. Oz began his answer to this question by saying he never used to be a supporter of hair transplants, but an associate at Columbia, Dr. Bob Bernstein performs a new procedure that looks very natural and is effective. Dr. Bernstein came up on stage and shared that he works on anyone who is a good candidate - meaning, someone who wants the procedure, someone who has enough hair loss for him to help, and enough hair in the back to transplant. A bit of a graphic video was shown of the procedure where a thin piece of scalp is removed and then stapled closed.

The piece of scalp that was removed from the back of the head is then dissected into hair groups and graphed onto the front of the head where there is hair loss. The transplanted hair takes about 1 year to fully grow in and the scar in back is nearly invisible. This procedure can also be done on African-American men and is not done to reach the same effect as hair loss medication. The medications are use to maintain the current amount of hair while the transplant replaces what has been lost.

Ask Dr. Oz - Differences Between Men and Women: Sex:

Neuropsychologist Dr. Louann Brizendine, author of The Female Brain appeared in multiple video clips throughout the show to explain some differences between men and women. First, Dr. Brizendine talked about the bedroom, yes, sex. The difference between men and women is really in the timing. Men need about 3-5 minutes to orgasm while women need up to 13 minutes. Men consider foreplay 3 minutes before intercourse while for women it's 24 hours before. Men get in the mood visually while for women it is more about temperature and comfort.

Ask Dr. Oz - Do Male Enhancement Drugs Work?:

Dr. Oz started by saying that there has been plenty of money put into placing advertisement for male enhancement drugs, but the fact remains that they really aren't needed. The average male thinks his penis size is shorter than it actually is according to Dr. Oz. The average male penis size is 5 inches, and humans have very large penises proportionately compared to other animals because there isn't a bone in the human penis. Men actually have proportionately larger penises because women through history have wanted that way through selection because size equates to health and virility.

Ask Dr. Oz - What Causes Erectile Dysfunction and How Do You Treat It?:

This question has been asked by thousands of Oprah viewers but no one had the nerve to appear on the show to talk about it. Dennis, 56, did have the nerve to call on the phone to talk to Dr. Oz. Dennis noticed problems but waited to tell his wife which Dr. Oz expressed is critical because women tend to blame themselves for the issues. ED, Dr. Oz explained, is 80% actual physical health and 20% mental. The penis really serves as a "dipstick" for male health and not the penis says Dr. Oz. Erections are caused by blood flow into the vessels in the penis, both big and small.

If the arteries in the penis aren't receiving enough blood flow to get an erection, chances are that there are artery problems elsewhere in the man's body. Dr. Oz explained that men with ED should also be concerned with blood vessels in their heart and brain and be concerned with the chances of stroke or heart attack. Causes of ED can include but aren't limited to smoking, high blood pressure or cholesterol and extra weight or belly fat. Dr. Oz recommends cutting out bad fat and adding Omega-3 fats, exercise to the point of sweating and lose the extra belly fat to affect hormones.

Ask Dr. Oz - Differences Between Men and Women: Senses:

A clip with Dr. Louann Brizendine was then shown explaining the differences between men and women when it comes to the senses. Women have more taste buds and are more sensitive to sweet, sour, salty and bitter flavors. Men's testosterone helps them with pain except when women are experiencing child birth and are helped with the pain by extra estrogen. Women also have a better sense of smell which can affect sex drive - women are affected by the smell of cucumber and licorice while men respond to lavender and pumpkin.

Ask Dr. Oz - Why Do Men Know Better When They Are Having a Heart Attack?:

Dr. Oz was happy to hear this question asked because he feels the information can save someone's life. 50% of people do not have chest pain when having a heart attack and some people don't have pain of any kind. While Dr. Oz explained that tests are just a snapshot in time, the real test for heart health is to know your own body and seek treatment when irregular pain or discomfort appears and get a second opinion if necessary.

Ways to spot a heart attack for men include shortness of breath, severe pain or sweats. Women need to look for shortness of breath, weakness similar to the flu and indigestion or nausea.

Ask Dr. Oz - Why Do Men Have More Endurance When Exercising?:

Lauren and Ben appeared via Skype as footage was shown describing Lauren's question. Lauren took up long distance running and her husband began joining her; Lauren was surprised when Ben had more endurance than her even though she had been running for longer than he had. Dr. Oz explained that men have more muscle than women and also bigger lungs, but that women catch up more rapidly than men because change in fitness is bigger in women than in men.

Ask Dr. Oz - Differences Between Men and Women: Brains:

The final clip with Dr. Brizendine was shown explaining the difference between male and female brains. All babies begin in the womb with female brains. At about 8 weeks more testosterone flows into baby boys giving them male brains. The hypocampus is larger in female brains which effects memory; which is why women can remember specific emotional event details when men at times don't even remember the event. Women also have a larger anterior cingular cortex which effects worry and causes anxiety in women.

Ask Dr. Oz - Why Do Women Have Memory Loss During/After Pregnancy?:

Dr. Oz called this memory loss "mommy brain" because a developing baby steals its mother's Omega-3 fats. The female brain also shrinks during pregnancy but rewires quickly and becomes more powerful after pregnancy. To improve short term memory, Dr. Oz suggests women add more Omega-3 fats and get plenty of sleep to help the growth hormones.

Ask Dr. Oz - Why Can Men Drink More?:

Men possess an enzyme in their stomach that allows them to digest alcohol at a faster rate while when women drink the alcohol goes directly into the blood stream.

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