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Friday Live in Chicago with Tyler Perry - Show Recap


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Friday, March 6, 2009

Oprah's New Puppy - Sadie:

To begin the Friday Live show, Oprah and the panel - Gayle, Mark and Ali - shared Oprah's good news...she's a mommy again! Oprah welcomed her latest puppy addition to her family - a golden Cocker Spaniel named Sadie. Oprah got her latest dog from a shelter and encouraged audiences to consider doing the same if wanting a family pet. Oprah welcomed Sadie to the stage as well as her 3 brothers who are still available. Oprah was finally ready to get a new puppy as it had been nearly a year since she lost her beloved Sophie.

Oprah and Gayle at the White House:

Oprah and Gayle shared with viewers their recent trip to the White House that had everyone talking. The duo visited the First Lady to interview her for an edition of O Magazine. While at the White House, Oprah and Gayle were able to see the personal living quarters for the First Family and get to see first-hand how the Obama's want to make the White House "America's House" for all to enjoy. As an added twist, Oprah announced that Michelle Obama would be sharing the cover of the magazine with Oprah - a first in the mag's 9 year run. Oprah shared that the time was right to have someone else on the cover besides her.

'Madea Goes to Jail' with Tyler Perry:

With another #1 movie under his belt - Madea Goes to Jail - Tyler Perry joined the panel to talk about his recent successes and future plans. When asked how he felt about the public's response to the film, Tyler responded that it feels good to see the country able and willing to laugh again. Oprah shared that she has not yet seen the film - Gayle wanted to go to the theater - but thinks what she has seen is hilarious. After a clip of the movie was shown, Tyler explained that the character of Madea was inspired by his mother and aunt but is a toned down version of the 2 women.

Madea Goes to Jail was Tyler's most successful film to date so hopefully he met his goal of giving people the opportunity to laugh even in this difficult economy. Explaining that Tyler also has a more serious side, Oprah shared that she and Tyler will be working on a film project together with a more dramatic theme. With rumors floating that Stedman is jealous of Oprah's friendships, Gayle and Tyler both expressed what a great guy Stedman is for supporting Oprah and not being jealous of her success or friendships. To explain what a close relationship Oprah has with Tyler, she shared a story to viewers.

Oprah shared a story she had never told the viewers before - only audience members after the show. Oprah wanted to share how she went to lunch with Tyler and Gayle in a white convertible car of Tyler's that both the women just loved. As a surprise for Christmas Tyler presented both Oprah and Gayle with a new car just like the one they loved riding in. Gayle expressed how generous Tyler is with his friends, and Oprah and Gayle joked about how neither of them were 'boinking' Tyler to get a car.

Chris Brown Felony Charges:

The panel moved on to talk about Chris Brown's felony charges from his alleged abuse of girlfriend Rihanna before the Grammy's. Chris Brown could face up to 4 years and 8 months for his actions, though Rihanna has asked for the judge not to prohibit them from communicating and doesn't want to press charges. Gayle read disturbing information from the now public charges against Chris which sounded very violent and more serious than what the media has played it out to be. Gayle was concerned and presented it to viewers that Rihanna and Chris could be sending the wrong message to their young fans that abuse is ok.

Do You Have a Snuggie?:

To end the show, Oprah and the panel talked to the creator of the recent infomercial hit - the Snuggie. Basically a blanket with arms, the Snuggie has made its way from a late night spot on TV to a multi-million dollar industry and internet sensation. Oprah welcomed Scott Boylin to the show from NY where he shared that he didn't come up with the idea, but thinks the catchy low-budged commercial was what made the product catch on and become such a hit. At just $14.95, anyone can enjoy convenient blanket - if you can just tolerate the commercial.

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