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Jamie Lee Curtis, Salma Hayek Plus Big Give Episode 6 - Show Recap


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Monday, April 7, 2008

Jamie Lee Curtis on Aging:

Jamie Lee Curtis showed up on the show wearing black and white something she has been doing because she says that she finds fashion boring and that it's part of her being authentic and not relying on clothes to make the person. Jamie was on to talk about her cover of AARP Magazine and aging - now that she's nearly 50. Expressing that she has been able to drop the rock of burden and be free, Jamie said that getting older is a chance to learn and is a part of the process of evolution. As for posing nude, Jamie says her strapless look has been misrepresented.

Jamie shared that what's more important is the peeling away of the layers and what she is trying to say, the beautiful essence rather that misrepresented nudity. The truth is what Jamie is interested in, not what is easy or what people want to sell to you, that is why she is pleased with the AARP cover and the layout she did in More Magazine.

People today want things to come easy, according to Jamie, even kids can't deal with losing at a game so the company changes the rules. Jamie even related it to plastic surgery saying it's not the easy fix because you see the fraud of what you're trying to be.

When it comes to mothers wanting to wear a bathing suit or someone with a deformity wanting to feel normal, Jamie was not talking about those cases, but about hiding from the truth. Jamie went on to describe the things in her life that do give her the feeling that she is evolving into a better person, including writing her 8th book and taking photographs for her friends. Jamie doesn't want to just be a pair of famous breasts, but wants to seek the truth and bust myths for others to find their own truth.

Salma Hayek on Motherhood and UNICEF:

Salma first shared that she had her daughter at the perfect time in her life as that it is the best role she has ever had. Having her daughter after 40 allowed Salma to do so many other things and relax into being a mother instead of worrying about what she was missing. Even having trouble losing her baby weight and being in a long distance relationship is all worth it for Salma who says that she found the perfect man for her and that they are doing what works best for them. Not being married, Salma shared, allows for their relationship to be exciting and something they want to work at, plus it's a little sexy.

Salma Hayek and UNICEF:

Salma Hayek teamed up with UNICEF to help raise awareness about tetanus shots in Africa - where children and mothers die painful deaths from the infection. For just 5 cents a shot this could be prevented - right now a child dies every 3 minutes. Buying a pack of Pampers diapers with a UNICEF sticker on it will purchase 1 vaccine - in honor of the show, Pampers donated 1 million shots to the cause and hopes people will help through August when the project ends.

Rachael's First Interview:

After Salma's big give, Rachael came up for her first interview since being eliminated from the show the night before. When asked if she would do things differently, Rachael said that she would not and that she was blessed to have the opportunity. Surprised by her answer, Oprah asked if Rachael would still sing because even Oprah and many other viewers perceived that it was not the family that asked Rachael to do it. The conversation continued into the After Show since Oprah wanted to make sure that Rachael really understood what people were feeling that she was thinking of herself at that moment.

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