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The Law of Attraction - Show Recap


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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Law of Attraction:

The Law of Attraction can be described simply as positive thinking - according to Louise Hay "The Law of Attraction is that our thinking creates and brings to us whatever we think about, it's as though every time we think a thought, every time we speak a word, the universe is listening and responding to us." A way to start practicing The Law of Attraction is to participate in simple daily affirmations stating positive thoughts about yourself and life - this plants the seed for firmly believing and living from those positive thoughts.

The Law of Attraction - Clear Intentions:

Martha Beck and Cheryl Richardson also shared that trying to use The Law of Attraction from a negative or desperate place effects the intention of the desire. Another way to practice The Law of Attraction is to make a "love list" or similar type of list describing the ideal situation or person you are looking for in your life. People may question if a list they have made will come true, though the lists may take years to surface - the point is not to cling to the desire, but to ask and let go. Cheryl described diving timing or events coming into your life when you are ready for them.

The Law of Attraction - Real Need:

Oprah brought up the point that there are many people that are really in trouble and feel that positive thinking isn't going to pay the electric bill, what do they do? Louise explained that when the student is ready, the teacher appears - people in all walks of life can benefit from looking at their life from a different, more positive perspective. Martha described a situation where she was coaching homeless heroine addicts who had just gotten out of prison. Feeling that if The Law of Attraction works, it should work for everyone, the same should apply to the people at the lowest point in their lives.

Martha couldn't understand where they were getting the nearly $180,000 a year it was taking to support the heroine addiction - how were they able to get the funds needed? Martha saw a change in the demeanor of the people she was working with when they began to talk about the one thing in their life that they though was the most necessary - anything was possible to get what it was that they wanted. Martha's goal was to get her students to realize that they could get from their life the feeling that they were getting from the heroine just from life itself.

The Law of Attraction - Gratitude:

A foundation of The Law of Attraction is to start with gratitude, true appreciation for life and even the smallest things to be thankful for in life. The Law of Attraction works by getting back what you give out, so start by fully loving yourself and the universe will love you back.

Viewer Wendy has always felt The Law of Attraction working in her life, even before she knew what to call it. Her key is to have clear intentions and to let go of the clinging and let the positive things come into your life.

The Law of Attraction - Viewer Denise:

Denise shared her story that involved her son becoming diagnosed with cancer and losing the battle, passing away at 18. After the death of her son, Denise's husband left because of the difficulty of the situation - Denise's life had fallen apart. Denise planned to take her own life, but felt her son around her and heard his voice in her head - she listened and stopped, the bottle of pills falling from her hand. It was from Louise Hay's movie that Denise really began to understand herself and see life from a different perspective.

The Law of Attraction - Viewer Karen:

Karen described the physical reaction her body had to the negativity inside of her - she felt and thought as if she were going to have a heart attack. Karen was unable to leave the house and was paralyzed by fear and panic attacks. Wanting to get out of the misery, Karen began reading books and practicing loving herself. Karen saw a change using affirmations and not thinking with regret but positively thinking of the future.

The Law of Attraction - Vision Boards:

Several examples of vision boards were shown on the show from Cheryl Richardson, Martha Beck, a clip from Jenny McCarthy and 2 young girls in the audience. A vision board is a way to focus intentions on goals or aspirations, even things, that are desired in life. The pictures represent intentions from a clear, peaceful place and are meant to focus attention or wishes for finances, career, relationships, home, spirituality or a number of other subjects. The key to making lists or boards is to commit to the action and not just to the wishful or positive thinking.

The Law of Attraction - Core of Peace:

Martha Beck regularly discusses the Core of Peace - the place where intentions are clear and genuine, not from shallow or superficial wants. The difference between having an intention and a wish was described on the show as wanting something from the soul compared to wanting something because life isn't working the way it is. Cheryl mentioned asking the universe for an intention "if it is in the highest interest of me and those around me." Martha also clarified by using the description of going to the body - if you really want something from your soul, thinking about it makes you stronger, while a wish from a place of desperation will make you physically weaker.

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