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Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House Tour Atlanta - Show Recap


Original Air Date:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House Tour Atlanta:

During tough financial times when the country feels out of control, the best way to bring harmony and peace into your life is having a home that makes you feel safe and secure. A cluttered and disorganized house can strip that harmony out of your life in many aspects, which is why Oprah started the Clean Up Your Messy House Tour last fall. Peter Walsh returned to the show to bring more tips and show results from cleaned up homes in Atlanta.

Viewers Respond to Peter The Messy House Tour:

After the kick-off in NY last November, Oprah's team was swamped with people needing help and those who have been successful using Peter's tips. After showing some before and after photos sent in from viewers, Oprah spoke to a few on Skype to hear more stories.

Trisha from TN skyped in to share her success in her kitchen. With 2-3 days of work, Trisha was able to clear the countertops and even made some extra cash by selling duplicates of kitchen gear and items they didn't need anymore.

Melissa and James from TX spoke to Peter on how they signed the clutter pledge and lost it. With 4 kids under 6, Melissa and James are drowning in clutter and can't seem to find the time to get organized. Peter assured the couple that they don't need to give themselves such a hard time. As long as the home is secure, the family can take 10-15 minutes a day to clear out 1 stack of paperwork or area of their home.

Lynn & TJ's Messy SUV:

Lynn and TJ sent in asking for help with their messy SUV. In the audience for the show, Oprah surprised the couple by bringing their SUV all the way to the studio! Lynn shared that there isn't enough room in the car for their 3 kids and that the mess keeps getting worse with their busy schedule. Oprah gave Lynn and TJ shirts and help from the Clutter Crew to get the car cleared out in just 1 hour.

On The Road in Atlanta:

Kathy Smith emailed the show asking for help with her son Kevin's dorm room at his frat house at Georgia Tech. With Peter's help, Kevin and his roommates Jack and Joe got started.

Peter and the boys' mothers were given a tour of the small room and the huge mess in they were living in before they started the clean up.

Peter instructed the boys to do a 10 minute surface purge and separate the trash, dirty clothes/dishes and items they don't want/need/use. Using plastic bins, garbage bags and hanging clothes racks, the boys were then told to sort through the things they would be keeping and separate them into categories (which should be personalized to the room) which included: clothes, entertainment, food and school work. The boys emptied their room completely to build the space from scratch.

The Frat House Reveal:

Peter invited Tonya and Chip from Designed to Sell to redesign the 195 square foot dorm room. The designers wanted to give the guys space to eat, sleep, study and store their entertainment. Getting stuff off the floor and into storage that uses all the wall space, the designers are able to make the most of a small space.

The big reveal showed GT colors and zones for school work with a functional desk, pantry storage and a cooking space, closet storage with color-coordinated hangers for each boy and an entertainment cabinet.

The guys shared via Skype that the clean up changed their lives and it's easy to keep up.

Teach Kids to Organize Early:

Peter offered some quick tips for teaching kids how to organize from an early age. Using pictures on the sides of bins and containers, kids can get easy visual clues for where their things need to go. This can work for toys as well as how to help sort the laundry.

Ashley & Kali from GT:

Roommates Ashley and Kali posted a video on YouTube asking for help with their messy dorm room. Peter called in help from David from Color Splash to help re-do the space. David gave a few tips to help design a room with little money:

  • Never hide the windows
  • Use symmetry in small spaces for a clean look
  • Add color for a cheap update

Peter also gave Ashley and Kali easy steps to declutter a space and keep it clean:

  • Keep flat surfaces clear
  • Establish and maintain zones
  • Maintain limits on things - use the 1-in-1-out rule
  • Create daily routines and pick up for 10 minutes a day

Ashley and Kali shared via Skype that their room clean up inspired them to make other changes in their life as well. Ashley was happy to announce she joined a weight loss group on campus and had lost 3 pounds in 1 week. Peter stated that the home-head-heart-hips are all connected and changing 1 can help change the others.

Lynn & TJ's SUV Clean Up:

To end the show, Oprah and Peter revealed the work that Lynn, TJ and the Clutter Crew had put into cleaning up the family SUV. Using bins to sort out all the items into categories, Lynn's car filled over 15 bins with random stuff. Peter urged viewers to be responsible and respectful to their car, which is the second biggest investment in your life next to your car. Setting an example with your own responsibility will teach your kids how to care for their own things with respect. Using simple routines like throwing away garbage each time you get gas will make keeping the car clean simple.

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