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Sex As a Deadly Weapon - Show Recap


Original Air Date:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Oprah welcomed five women who were infected with HIV by a man who knew he was carrying the virus and was sent to prison for using sex as a deadly weapon.

Show Summary:

Oprah invited 5 women to come on and share their story of being manipulated in a relationship with the same man who carried the HIV virus and knowingly infected them and more. The women came together to support one another and pushed for charges to be filed, succeeding with having Philippe Padieu imprisoned for 45 years for charges of assault with a deadly weapon - the weapon being his sperm. The women came with a message of awareness and self protection when it comes to your body and sex.

Special Highlights:

This episode featured the following highlights:

  • Susan, Diane, Sophia, Tricia and Megan came on to share their story of manipulation and survival. Some of the women appeared in disguise to protect their families.

  • Diane was the first to learn she had HIV after dating Philippe for 4 years. Digging into his records she found names of other women he was seeing at the same time and contacted them to encourage them to get tested.

  • Philippe Padieu was possibly aware that he was carrying the virus as early as 1997, with the potential of infecting countless women.

  • Pursuing charges, 10 women testified against Philippe Padieu and were able to succeed in having him jailed for 45 years, with the possibility of parole in 22.

  • The women came together on the show to encourage viewers to change their perception of who has HIV, to be aware of red flags in your relationships, to get tested, and to always be responsible for your own sexual protection.
  • What to Take Away from the Show:

    These 5 women had the courage to share their stories and have provided important information and lessons to take away from this show. These women serve as a great example for why not to put a profile on people who typically have HIV - it can happen to anyone. Because of the information provided on this show, viewers can choose to get tested, to never assume that someone is not carrying an STD because they "look" clean, and to always be responsible for your own sexual protection. Some of the women also served to show those living with HIV that there is life after the diagnosis as they are now dating or remarried.

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