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Charice and Talented Kid Search - Show Recap


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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Singing Sensation Charice Returns:

Oprah was thrilled to bring Charice, the 16 year old singing sensation from the Philippines back to make her dreams come true. Commenting that she loves to help people who really want and deserve their dreams, Oprah couldn't wait to surprise Charice. But first, she updated viewers on Charice's first visit to the show on May 12, 2008 for the 'World's Smartest Kids' episode - including a clip of her singing on the show.

Viewer Reaction to Charice:

Oprah included 2 viewers - Debbie from Hawaii and Jenny from Connecticut on Skype to comment about how they felt upon seeing Charice for the first time - both mentioned tearing up and being moved by her performance.

After first appearing on the show, Charice returned to Harpo Studios to meet Oprah - after being removed from her plane! Oprah wanted to introduce Charice to producer David Foster and was able to by phone. Foster had already been alerted to the young singer by email from multiple people. This meeting sparked a full summer for the singer.

Charice Since Her May Appearance:

Since appearing on Oprah in May, Charice was included in the David Foster and Friends special in Las Vegas this summer with headliners including Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli and Michael Buble. Charice performed in the special in front of a crowd of 10,000 with Foster at piano.

Charice was welcomed back to the Oprah Show with Foster to update viewers on what else has been going on.

Clips were shown of Charice getting a phone call from Andrea Bocelli which sparked her flying to Italy to perform with him in his hometown. The 2 sang The Prayer in front of a crowd of 8,000.

Charice and Her Family in the Philippines:

More clips were shown of Charice in her home country of the Philippines explaining her difficult childhood.

The first series of clips showed Charice going back to her old neighborhood near Manila where she lived until she was 3. When Charice was only 3, she remembers her father getting angry and attacking her mother with a gun. Hearing screams, neighbors responded and stopped anything more from happening. Charice has not seen her father since. It was difficult for Charice to return to her childhood home since it brought back so many painful memories.

Charice then led cameras to Balibago, Philippines where she showed the basketball court that was often converted into a stage where she would compete in singing competitions. Charice started competing at just 7 years old and the money she earned as prizes helped to support her family. Wanting to prove her critics wrong, Charice continued to sing in over 80 competitions. Charice and her family used the prize money to pay for food and eventually a safer home. She showed off her room in her new home and all of the trophies she has won in competition.

Charice - A Natural Talent:

Charice also plays the guitar which she taught herself - learning songs by ear. David Foster commented that Charice has an extraordinary gift and knows how to take care of it. He mentioned that one day she will be known by first name only - since they referred to her by 'Charice' only during the entire episode, it looks like it is already starting!

Showing an additional clip of Charice in the Philippines included a dream journal of drawings - her ultimate dream being to sing with Celine Dion one day.

Charice then performed My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion which she first learned to sing at the age of 4.

Surprising Charice - Celine Dion:

As the ultimate surprise for Charice, Celine Dion appeared via satellite from her Taking Chances Tour. Celine expressed that she was speechless at first, but that since seeing Charice sing and her life story, she knows that Charice has so much going for her and Celine was excited by that. Celine also offered for Charice to come to New York to perform at Madison Square Garden next week in a duet of Because You Loved Me to dedicate to Charice's mother. Oprah's crew will be there to film the show and will show clips on the September 19, 2008 episode.

Oprah's Search for America's Smartest and Most Talented Kids:

Inspired by all of the talent showcased on YouTube, Oprah decided to introduce a new feature to Oprah.com - a chance for parents to upload video of their child showing off their skill - ever kind of talent is welcome! Videos will be feature on the website and possibly on an upcoming Oprah Show episode.

Oprah highlighted 2 kids making a name for themselves with their extraordinary talent. Clips of Andrew Johnston were shown from the show Britain's Got Talent where the 13 year old took third place for his amazing singing. 12 year old Tyler Weaver appeared on the show to perform skills that earned him the title of World Champion in karate for his age group.

Keep an eye out for great videos on Oprah.com and more shows featuring talented kids to come!

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