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Former President George W. Bush's Most Difficult Decisions - Show Recap


Oprah welcomed former President George W. Bush to the show to discuss his memoir and the most difficult decisions he had to make during his two terms in the White House.

Original Air Date:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Oprah spoke with former President George W. Bush.

Show Summary:

On this episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, former President George W. Bush sat down with Oprah to discuss life in the two years since he left office and the most trying decision and events he dealt with during his two terms as the leader of our country.

Regardless of your politics, there is a sense a curiosity and definitely respect that comes along with seeing a former President speak after they are out of the spotlight, and away from the heat of the issues in the country. On this show, former President Bush was no longer the person responsible for the state of America, but a man who had a rare experience and was gracious to share how he handled the pressure, his feelings during difficult times, and how he managed to maintain an identity separate from the opinions of his critics.

Special Highlights:

This episode featured the following highlights:

  • Former President George W. Bush's new memoir Decision Points takes readers inside the difficult events of his two terms in the White House and how he made his decision to react the way that he did, along with his feelings about the public's response to the choices he made.

  • On the show President Bush shared how he has enjoyed leaving the spotlight in the last two years and has no intention of returning to politics.

  • Speaking with both humor and emotion about his time as president, GWB shared his take on the events of September 11th, Hurricane Katrina, and the struggling economy.

  • After explaining how and why he responded the way he did, the show took a turn as GWB was shown interviewing his parents, former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush at their summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine. Both 41 and 43, as they call each other, see politics as a chapter in their lives, while time with family is really most important to them.

What to Take Away from the Show:

Not often getting the chance to hear directly from a president about why they made the choices they did while serving a term in the White House, this episode gave viewers a different view of a man that much of the country criticized near the end of his second term.  George W. Bush may not have always been the most popular, and may have been one of the most misunderstood presidents, but this interview gave insight to the person behind the position and the man that he is in the life outside of politics.  Seeing our country's former president more as a father and husband gives viewers a chance to look at the decisions he made from a different perspective now that he is removed from politics for two years.  Regardless of party affiliation, this conversation gave insight into the difficulty of running the country while in crisis and appreciating that whether or not you agreed with him at the time, George W. Bush was doing what he felt was best for the people of America at the time, and that is still something to be respected.

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George W. Bush - 'Decision Points'

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Former President George W. Bush's memoir Decision Points is a detailed look inside the difficult events and issues that the 43rd President dealt with during his two terms in the White House.  With first-hand accounts of the 2000 election, reactions to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, this memoir is unlike other presidential autobiographies.

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