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Oprah Winfrey Fan Gift Guide


Are you wondering what you can get the Oprah fan in your life for their birthday, anniversary or holiday? Here is just what you need -- a gift-buying guide for every Oprah Winfrey fan in your life! Find 15 gift ideas that will make any Oprah fan happy.

The Oprah Show 20th Anniversary DVD


For any long-time Oprah Winfrey Show fan, consider the gift of the 20th anniversary DVD collection. This multi-disc set includes all of the best moments, guests, interviews, surprises and behind-the-scenes footage of the first 20 years of Oprah's beloved talk show. Oprah fans will enjoy reminiscing over their favorite clips and going back to the collection again and again.

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Oprah's Book Club Selections

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

The 63rd selection for Oprah's Book Club, Say You're One of Them by Uwem Akpan (Compare Prices), is already a viewer hit and would make a great addition to any reader's library, especially an Oprah fan. If you really want to make your book club member happy, consider giving them the entire collection of Oprah's Book Club selections!

The Oprah Magazine Cookbook


Any fan of Oprah knows that while she's always working on staying healthy and fit, she loves to eat. What better way to please both an Oprah fan and a foodie than a cookbook with 175 recipes from O The Oprah Magazine. Top chefs, writers, and Oprah friends provide not only recipes, but tips, lessons and stories to go along with the beautiful photographs.

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Donate to an Oprah Charity

Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Doing for others is a life lesson that Oprah strives to share with her viewers through a variety of venues in her episodes. Oprah not only talks the talk, but walks the walk when it comes to doing her part to better the world. If you want to give a gift to an Oprah fan that will also help others around the world, consider a donation to one of Oprah's charitable foundations. Oprah's philanthropic ventures include O Ambassadors, Oprah's Leadership Academy and Oprah's Angel Network.

Oprah Canvas Tote

The Oprah Store

Help the environment and make an Oprah fan happy at the same time by giving a gift that will be used over and over again. A canvas tote from The Oprah Store will let your loved one shop in style while they think of you each time they use it. The bags come in a variety of colors to suit any Oprah fan.

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O Magazine Subscription


Have your gift hand-delivered each month by getting your loved one a two-year subscription to O Magazine. Oprah fans will love the interviews, fashion and beauty advice, and the beautiful message to always "Live Your Best Life." The magazine also includes tips from some of Oprah's best experts, including Suze Orman, Dr. Phil, and Martha Beck.

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Tickets to the Oprah Show

David McNew/Getty Images

The ultimate gift for any new or long-time Oprah fan would have to be tickets to the show. Because of the overwhelming number of people who want to be in the audience for a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show, tickets are very hard to come by, with some fans waiting years before making it into a seat. If you are able to take your loved one to a taping, it is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Sirius Satellite Radio


If your Oprah fan loves watching The Oprah Winfrey Show, consider getting them a Sirius satellite radio and subscription to listen to Oprah and Friends 24 hours a day. Oprah and her expert friends provide channel listeners with tons of stories, interviews, tips and advice to get through a long work day, difficult commute, or just to enjoy while relaxing. Oprah and Friends includes shows from Dr. Oz, Bob Greene, Gayle King, and many more.

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An Oprah Winfrey Show Tee

The Oprah Store

Help your loved one wear their favorite show on their sleeve by getting them a tee from The Oprah Store. With a variety of styles, colors, and even quotes, a shirt is an easy way to please any Oprah fan. You can be assured with anything Oprah puts her name on, that your gift will come complete with style and quality.

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Beloved on DVD

Walt Disney

Oprah achieved a long-time dream when she was able to get one of her favorite Toni Morrison novels to the big screen and to mass audiences. In Beloved, Oprah's production company not only backed the film, but Oprah also starred in the movie along with Danny Glover. The adaptation of the novel was able to capture the intensity, pain and hope of a family post-slavery and would make a thoughtful addition to any Oprah fan's collection.

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